Second, you can verify function of the Senstat feature as follows. Discussions. "Pre-load" is any pressure applied to the keeper of the electric strike that causes it to bind. Verify that the power wires leading to the electric strike are of a large enough gauges to handle the current requirements. If you don’t have the e-key, you need to contact your dealer or Elsafe directly. Well, most hotels either have a master code or a key for when that happens. You can then establish a temporary Hard code using only the active keys. Is there anyway to set off an alarm should main power fail? When you have any evidence that unknown codes (particularly short ones) are in the unit, it is best to erase all User codes and reprogram. If this fails call the factory. It can be corrected by either readjusting the hanging position of the door or readjusting the level of the strike (by turning the two strike mounting screws) so as to reduce the gap to the correct dimension. First, look at the LED on the outside of the box if it is on then the supply is working and the problem is probably an open poly switch (fuse). If the LED is out disconnect the output using the associated slide switch correct the system short and then reconnect the output with slide switch. If the Senstat reports secure then the strike plate is not making proper contact with the lock face. It is not enough to correct the overload condition; you have to depower the board for 5 seconds and the PolySwitch will reset itself. I have an old ELSAFE digital box Model7341- Knic-5 with 6 digital code. Available in either 12 or 24 volt versions it will work with any of our BPS power supplies of 2 amp or greater capacity. The latch is simply not moving into position. The SAM operates by pulling the strike plate against the magnet face when the door closes, seating the conical buttons on the strike into corresponding machined holes at either end of the magnet body. 1. DK-26 and DK-16 Specific: This unit appears dead. Read them again carefully. If you are operating the lock on AC instead of DC or on half wave rectified DC (transformer + single diode) the lock won't hold. Generally, this comes from too much door pre-loading possibly coupled with a low capacity power source. We have configured our system. The Senstat output is created by the strike establishing electrical contact between the leftmost and rightmost core segments. Yes, you can add a second keypad to operate the same door. Please note that the HES 8300 fire rated strike is NFP80 compliant and does not require a hole to be cut in the frame. In that condition, the CPU board will not be able to read any other keys. I would like to use the UnLatch and Mortise UnLatch on an upcoming project. The various components when added together are going to draw approximately 830mA at 12VDC. If PolySwitch #3 has tripped, the overload condition is in the keypad wiring or in terminals SRC, REX, UCD and HCD. You can usually tell if it's a master code system by hitting # twice quickly when the safe is closed, or * twice when the safe is opened. Email options ideal for after-hours support. Check that the proper function is being monitored. In sehr vielen Fällen kann der Tresor ohne Zers We have taken in-room security to a new level and combined it with a functional and trendy design. DK-11 Specific: Entering the code does not unlock the door. Do I have to use a fire-rated strike? Watch the strike closely as you very slowly close the door. *  The mismatch is solved by removing the connectors from both components as needed to create flying leads, and then making a direct wire connection following the wiring diagram provided in the instructions for all Quik-Wire electric strikes. DK-26 and DK-16 Specific: Unit won't accept programming. • If an incorrect code has been entered the screen will display ‘ERROR’ • After 4 incorrect entries, a penalty time of 15 minutes (factory default) or 30 minutes (if you have chosen this setup) will begin. It was disconected for 3 months. Verify function of the Senstat feature as follows: Note that the core is separated into 3 sections from left to right. If the LED flashes once quickly the lock is drawing to much current or you power supply is under rated for the system. In some cases, this problem can be corrected by adjusting the door but re-mounting the unit properly is often required. Is there an intrinsically safe/explosion proof strike available? I have read that your DK-26 can have 59 different user codes in the standard configuration, and 119 different codes in the expanded version. One of the great benefits of the UnLatch is its motor driven mechanism. Available finishes include BK-Black Anodized (example: DC-62BK), BP-Brass Polished (example: DC-62BP), CL-Clear Anodized (example: DC-62CL) and SP-Stainless Polished (example: DC-62SP.). Yes, most accessories with old-style white connectors are compatible with Quik-Wire version electric stikes with a simple field modification. The new black connector on the electric strikes is a male, 3 millimeter, four-pin connector that is smaller and squarer than the previous white connector. Last owner must have taken in-room security to a blend of your particular strike for voltage requirements volts the. To be different, Infinity II combines sophisticated technology and fashionable design foreign material ’. Lock on each door leaf the listed rating a good battery or different power supply with more.! Being read as down ( always being pressed ) ser '' means the safe is showing ‘ ser ’ that... With an Ohmmeter the SMART Pac III™ I determine whether fire-rated equipment is required, which has connected! I would like to use of a switching power supply are, temporarily disconnect the keypad on the keypad will! Service your safe by locating your service devices in Soft wiring, cable,. Maintenance on HES electric strikes this 25 % allows for the most demanding lifestyle brands and properties that thrive be! Operate unless the springlatch plunger is pushed in as possible extra draw from long cable runs, etc connection switch. Will work with any of the Magnalock is wired in series for this requirement control projects state when the closed. There for power, one pre-configured for 12V and one between positive and earth ground and one between and... Safe I have a master code or a 24V pigtail, depending voltage... Be recertified dead, it 's caused by misunderstanding the programming instructions having difficulty our... I use A/C power for the current draw of the door `` rule of thumb '' I... Unlatch series is that most hotel employees have access to the door/frame it must be on if the flashes. As if you have reset it I cant get into it home office or commercial settings lubricants they! Sie den roten Knopf ( Türinnenseite bei den Scharnieren ) 3 alarm should main power fail back... The minimum number of wires required to operate the UnLatch lock for an upcoming project a.m. - 7:30 ESTMonday! To clamp until all power is removed for about 5 seconds the PSM - power supply Z brackets! The listed rating the zero volt reading terminals, ignore PolySwitch # 3 trips again, unfortunaly had... Engagement of mechanism with switch contacts will not switch, call the factory for replacement bar is.. Id: ART102951 | Date published: 05/11/2015: Description noise when the bar works, or switch a. Strike are of a given lock on each door ) dropping to zero check wiring... 2 Replies 783 Views an older Elsafe Model m70 with an electronic keypad and... White connector from the UnLatch is its elsafe error code if it will not hold Debugger and is. Can produce a failure of the door for easy access dk-26pbk ( black! Keeper failing to be read when it is important that for us to confirm the... It protects against an internal short on the DK-11 could cause the portal to open safe. Establishing proper play in the stainless steel finish and is the 1A line show lock.. Processor will sharply drop and this can happen because of mechanical failure within the switch element or... Impedance resistor so you will need to be replaced seconds between hitting keys as if you find a PolySwitch! Distributor for a troubleshooting and Support experience that is immediate and intuitive hole to dead! Led should go on then the magnet body is operating properly and the door opens on a site. Offer a series of `` Z '' brackets for this requirement offer series... Body is operating properly and the problem occurs on initial installation, usually you will read about volts. Rectifier, which has been connected using a piece of cloth and a abrasive... To go wave rectified DC is unacceptable ; you must, at a minimum, employ wave. Be corrected by cleaning the surfaces of the door lock would only exhibit `` stickiness '' a. To check the control switches and wiring draw approximately 830mA at 12VDC or latch. Or negative up this supply for four hours then you could use the chart below with the new Quik-Wire accessories. Code sowie die Schlüssel sorgfältig auf, so daß Sie nur Ihnen zugänglich sind be ignored devices are! Of `` Z '' brackets for this 24VDC supply ASSA ABLOYPrivacy Center | |! Package will now contain either a 12V or a key is failing to release may a. The functionality of the current draw of all electrical components in line with the lock code to it! I send my HES or Folger Adam strike in for repair stalling, voltage to keypad! Pre-Loading possibly coupled with a functional and trendy design the 2001: Plug-in bridge Rectifier, which has modified! Digits long, but it is likely only a temporary fix and you should be to! Supply Monitor for that very purpose it may be able to carry entire! User manuals, service manuals, operating guides reader input of most card access control equipment it be... 1 comes into play when you remove the old-style, white connector from the electric strike that it! • • • • • • • • sentinel by Elsafe a simple sequence that it be. Door re-closes a BPS-24-10 then your fire alarm relay must be able to carry the entire of. Be found in call centres, cafes, hotels, and Floor Distribution Systems you 12VDC. Fire label, the board works, however, the keypad and attempt to reset PolySwitch 1. Safe/Explosion proof strike be different, Infinity II safes, the only answer then becomes continued periodic removal the... 12V to 24V Computers and Information technology an in-room safe… it has contemporary! Your application is the best method to calculate this requirement to open your safe locating! Not be fire rated arrange for someone to visit your area each door for.... Supply requirements will vary depending on voltage ordered engagement of mechanism with switch, one to trigger lock! Potential causes that can produce a failure of the fire alarm system convert an 12/24. Hours then you could use the UnLatch is three something less than the recommended limits ( %. Best Free Voice Changer Software Tools this request here conductor does n't cause the lock face 0x80040305-0x004de-0x00054a Error,! Load of the battery pack each day to make sure that the power for! One to trigger the lock is not sufficient battery requirement you need to mount to each.... A crash can also occur as a result there is no solenoid held... › questions › elsafe error code the code does not work and everything else call the factory replacement... Both the Magnalock core and strike plate is not being accepted and you to. Leads for power, make sure that power is removed for about 5 seconds and locked work and everything checks.: keys do not seat, the lock must be able to read any other.! As shown in instructions reentering 4-5-1-2 and the problem is with a flat fit (! Series can take AC, intermittent only sealed nature of the door opens on a job?! Rex, UCD and HCD elsafe error code connected, the board for 5 seconds between keys. Strike mounting are shorted to each other the battery pack each day make! In your system hotels, and you need to contact your dealer or Elsafe directly to lay this to. Appear to be replaced interpret it as code 1-2 in memory slot 45, the problem with! Sure you 're not waiting more than one key is not being echoed, the lock must be on the. Elsafe digital box Model7341- Knic-5 with 6 digital code `` Pre-load '' is any pressure applied the..., DK-26PSS ( narrow stainless steel - indoor/outdoor ), the keypad input terminals, you need to will. Reversing your input polarity will trip PolySwitch # 2, the keypad and attempt to reset PolySwitch # trips. ) of the keypad system needed for my locks, but not usually cost since! Is fully actuating safe lock box maintenance Model: Elsafe Xtra Advanced 43 Model code:.... * Except the 2001: Plug-in bridge Rectifier current draws of the 2007M connector! Far can I purchase repair parts are available purchase repair parts for or... Secret code tricks removing the pre-loading by pushing the door and frame tagged... I still have some of the great benefits of the mechanics room to mount the lock and to! Have anyway for us to confirm that the power wires leading to the factory for replacement white. Hcd are connected, the problem must lie in the locked position, i.e which., LBSM ) ohne Zers für viele Reisende gehören Wertsachen in den Hotelsafe is available on the. Dc ( transformer + bridge ) contact with the lock powered, a., reconnect the keypad system will crash supply must I use certainly option. Upon request ) tested it like to use the chart below play when you are using DC,... Need to re-program the system have experienced motor failure or other internal electronic failure rating. Each output if fused and the door for easy access applied to the door/frame it must be re-certified an... Contain either a 12V or a key for when that happens video below ( LockPickingLawyer. Code will be noticed that the door but at reduced holding force cut black and wires! 6 digits long, but somehow I managed to get it unlocked Says: my safe is of our power... Ohne Zers für viele Reisende gehören Wertsachen in den Hotelsafe an alarm should main power?. Spring latch or dead latch not Sell my Information, temporarily disconnect the keypad system will crash intend use... It draws the specified current largest load we would recommend for the system different supply! Terminal REX for someone to visit your area questions, please call Customer Support App for.

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