I don't know, I don't remember. I was working a lot in bars and restaurants at the time, doing a lot of bands' concerts in local bars. That was an amazing time, moment. So fast forward to university, I was still kind of lost and not really knowing what I wanted to do. Did they beg you to stay, or did they say, "See ya.". Since then, she has returned periodically to television, hosting or appearing in shows including Yummy Mummy on Life Network and Discovery Health in the U.S. among other countries, Popstars - The One (Global), Real Life with Erica Ehm (Life Network), Power Play (Discovery Channel Canada), The Company (TVOntario), Nestlé Baby and You (Rogers Cable) and Science: From A to Ehm. In PR, you need to believe in what you're doing, or you need to be there for a reason that's an authentic reason for you. I'm going to tell you something, they're shockingly similar. So says celebrity yummy mummy Erica Ehm of her husband Terry Moshenberg. I really enjoyed talking to you, Teresa. Dream job, fun, it was challenging, I guess, why did you leave? On this episode ... You know that day on the set of Power 30, we're not doing it in the basement today. The bands hit on you all the time, Erica. Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi 's marriage is over... or at least she wants it to be, 'cause Erika just filed for divorce. [2][3], Ehm left MuchMusic in 1994, after ten years, to concentrate on her songwriting career. Reinvention of the VJ is my unscripted and up close conversation with the eclectic and much loved, and desired in this case, hosts that you may have grown up watching on Much. So you're working at Heart & Stroke right now, and I know that being authentic is super important to you and that being authentic, to you, leads to success. Sorry, I misspoke, you didn't have a plan to be in that job, you had drive. RON GRECH/THE DAILY PRESS Former video-jockey Erica Ehm spoke about her post-MuchMusic career and the challenges she faced reinventing herself as an entrepreneur. Why am I on the 401, cold, doing an important story about a labor strike, but why am I not home?" This is what I want to talk to you about, is how you're so driven, you were focused, but I was not focused. Together with her husband, they do live at Mount Pleasant in Vancouver. I totally was going to bring that up, because I know that Moses always wanted to hire ethnic people, because they reflected Toronto. So for those of you who are listening right now, or for you, who is listening right now, thank you so much for staying with us. So let's play the "our lives are the same" again, guess what I did after I left MuchMusic? I would say that it's not just in PR, I think in life you have to believe in what you're doing. Catherine Clark Married, husband and family. Listen, 14 years is a long time, so I'm hoping that this show will give me some ideas while I consider what the next chapter of my life is going to be. I ended up hosting the weekend news, and then I got more involved in the entertainment portion of the news and the scene. I think I might have told you 20 or 30 years ago. Anyone that worked through SARS remembers it very clearly. There was nothing to aspire to in that case. All I do is I tell them, "Whatever you want to do, I'll support you. It's funny how we worked in the same place for I think it was seven years, but I don't think that we ever actually sat down and had this kind of really deep conversation, and even though our lives were ding-ding-ding, so similar in so many ways. I said, "You know me, is it Terry? But I wanted to say, one of the most memorable experiences was hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards before it was a thing. I think it was the second or third year, and it was all just very loosey-goosey. So we're in this dark little music hall and there's the A&R, the artist and repertoire rep from whatever the record label was, and the band. The thing that I remember the most that traumatized me was that people died alone. I just wanted to have fun. Really weird, full circle. Erica Ehm CEO & Founder, Ehm & Co. Erica Ehm is founder of the niche publishing brand YMC.ca, and the digital agency Ehm & Co, both focused on the desirable mom market. Did you have a plan? Lifestyle 22 Monika Schnarre - Life in General 28 Erica Ehm - MuchMusic and much more 32 Global Getaways - Niagara-on-the-Lake 34 Organize your Life - … So I'm going to play that now for you. Many will remember Erica Ehm from the glory days of MuchMusic, where we’d see her gallivanting with some of the biggest rock stars of the day and presenting the latest, hippest music videos. Heart & Stroke is a nonprofit, I believe in the mission. My guest today has been called the fair maiden of heavy metal, always smiling, highly intelligent, ever elegant. So you met Terry in grade seven when you had just come from Lisbon then. Ehm was the guest speaker at a Women in Business Series luncheon held at the Porcupine Dante Club and hosted by the Timmins Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. Fashion Crimes, yes. Chris Isaak is going to be in the studio." Her friend was another, Christy ... Turlington, yeah. I just want to have fun, I'm only 24. Erica Ehm Exposed! Anyways, through no fault of his, he ended up there and he was recently married, so he took my mom and I was born there. I'm not making that up, I really truly was an immigrant from Western country and obviously did not have the same issues that many of BIPOC people have coming to this country, because I looked as Canadian at the time, or what people thought. Wait a second, I have a question for you, you mentioned being at the Scarborough Hospital. I really suck. Welcome to Soulmates Jewish Matchmaking Services, the world's largest & most Pro-Active Jewish Matchmaking Website [4] In 2002, she hosted a weekly call-in show on CFRB 1010, a Toronto news/talk radio station, combining current events and lifestyle topics. People died from other things, other conditions alone in hospital, because hospitals were all on lockdown. What's wrong with that? Hi, Erica. That became really important to me, and I felt like I should speak out, because I had the platform. And "us" is Heart & Stroke, I've worked there for almost 10 years. I said, "You know me, is it Terry? Actually, some of that is true, is correct, because the story's kind of complicated. When Smarties Aren't Nut-Free . For sure, I totally agree, which is why I'm having so much fun doing these interviews for two reasons. Terry from Zion Heights?" I know that it was a dream job at City, but it was my first job. I think Bill Haley & the Comets was his favorite. Same, exactly. The next thing you know, you were on TV. I played the Portuguese card a lot, but guess what? But didn't you go to school, didn't you study PR? A Seattle-based licensed mental health counselor in practice since 1986, Erica helps couples and adult individuals with issues of creativity and courage, relationships, transition, spirituality, career, communication, anxi ety, stress, depression, bereavement, sexuality and self esteem. I would say that there's no prescription for how you deal with what essentially at the time was harassment, sometimes, sometimes not. So my assumption is that you were a kid that was craving the stage. Again, I grew and solidified my skills and then my husband and I got married and I had kids, and I think this is around the same, because your kids are the same age as ours. If that moment, you need more money, then go for a job that makes more money. Where did you and the VJs eat? I quit after two days, I thought, "Get me out of here." He said, "Do you want a career? I had zero plan when I started, all I knew was that I needed to work in the music business, that was it. Social media handles: @YummyMummyClub on Twitter, @EricaEhm on Instagram, YummyMummyClub on Facebook. I didn't even give it another second thought. [citation needed], Learn how and when to remove this template message, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, "Former VJ strikes a chord with audience at Women in Business talk", "MuchMusic vets look back on 25 years of music TV", "5 of the original MuchMusic VJs are reunited in 2013d", Rebecca Eckler and Erica Ehm talk turkey about collaborating on their new book, Tall Poppy Interview Erica Ehm - Torontoist, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Erica_Ehm&oldid=965010916, 21st-century Canadian non-fiction writers, Articles with dead external links from November 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, BLP articles lacking sources from January 2011, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2013, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 June 2020, at 21:51. Sorry. I think her name is Erica." Of course. We just had, first of all, we worked in the same industry. I would do anything, and I did do anything and everything in order to get into the music business. But when I ended up at university, I didn't know what the heck I wanted to study. Don't you ever want to think, "I'm in a field and I don't know enough about it." It's [Amy Ballan 00:22:17] calling, I miss you, I hope you're doing well. Her song "Love Me Even More" was chosen as the theme for the feature film Some Things That Stay. So cool, I'm going to love this job. There's too many. So they decided they were going to send someone to New York, and it was me. What about the clothes that you wear, were they also found on Queen Street at all the boutiques? I had requests from reputable news' magazines all around the world, everybody wanted to know what was going on. www.soulmatesjewishdating.com/facebook. She got her first job at CHOM-FM sorting records for DJs. I ask because we have kids and I think today a lot of things are planned out, and we try to guide our kids with plans. So here's my question, I'm wondering about what the culture of Queen West was like back in the day? Groovy Shoes is on Queen West, now 47 years old, and it's one of really less than a small handful of independent retailers left. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us throughout this show. 823 Views Related Videos So it's the new generation where mothers don't always handle 100% of the domestic work and that kind of thing. Reid is actually really just a singer, she had been on a trip using the show Strictly Come Dancing crew of BBC . I have so much respect for actors who dig deep and find something in themselves to perform. Erica Miechowsky (born September 30, 1961), known professionally as Erica Ehm, is a Canadian writer, actor, songwriter, entrepreneur and TV host. When I got the job, it was the right job, because I wanted to be part of the music business, I wanted to be an actor, and I wanted to be a teacher. Under Erica’s leadership over the last 13 years, her companies have earned over a dozen prestigious awards. I believe in the product that I'm pitching, so that's how authenticity plays into it for sure. I have a chronology of events, because I was the media relations point person at the Scarborough Hospital, ground zero for SARS in Canada. How long did you stay in the newsroom for? I didn't know a lot of women who had kids at that point, I should have called you. I ended up working at the Big Bop four nights a week. So thanks again for listening and for being part of Reinvention of the VJ. I typed out her agreements, because I was a super fast typist, because of my piano playing. I'm not saying it looked good, but that was very representative of what we did, which was we just did it, we just did it ourselves. I love the idea of your Reinvention of the VJ podcast and wanted to hopefully be one of the first ones to call your new 800 number. It was busy, we were at work. Yes, it's going to be a trip down memory lane, but I'm also hoping that you find some interesting tidbits or insights into what it takes to get what you want in life, how to reinvent and deal with tough times, or even redefine what success is. But I actually, I finished grade 13 early, because I had accumulated all my credits. Ehm moved to Toronto where she found a job working as a receptionist at Citytv, which owned the soon-to-launch cable channel MuchMusic, and when the new station began hiring video jockeys in 1984 she applied[1] and became one of the station's first VJs. So back to your introduction, it always surprised you why I ended up hosting the Power 30, there's another audition for Moses. Erica is one of Canada’s most recognized personalities, having started her career in the … Erin Cebula Husband & Married. He was an artist on Queen Street, he painted these massive murals. I love music, I loved the energy, and because it was one show, I could do that and keep my entertainment reporting job. So after the Discovery show, which didn't go again, it was 50 one-hour episodes, who the hell renews that? So you got the job first, and then you went to school? It wasn't that difficult, his music was easy to listen to, he was dating that top model, one of those ones that didn't get out of bed for under $10,000. Most people get more interesting as they age, if they continue to do something worthwhile, something with their brains. I will be interviewing parents with the same 11 questions, who like me, live in the digital world. I didn't plan my wardrobe, I grabbed a couple of things, and I don't even think that I thought much except, "Just bring some nice shoes and maybe a little jacket." Since I was a VJ on MuchMusic, and I was like, "Not going to happen. So when I had kids, the same thing happened, Teresa, because I was struggling. Who knows? Check out more quick and easy breakfast recipes and egg tips right here on YMC. The house is occupied by a thirtysomething couple, actuary Deep Sekhon and her bond trader husband Ravi Sankaran, originally from the East Coast. Sometimes it's flirtatious, it's a bit of a dance. She was married for 18 decades. How did you know that he was the right person for you? Back then, people typed, not computers. I don't know what he thought of that, I never saw him, talked to him. Some days, I had 40 interview requests. I worked for Elise Orenstein, who was the lawyer at the time. Exactly. I was standing out on the street, I wasn't allowed to go into the awards, and we would be broadcasting in between when MTV gave us some space in between, and I never saw the actual show. The YMC team is lead by Erica Ehm, Creator and Publisher. My husband and I were just in our bathroom when we heard the news that…” Erica Ehm on Instagram: “It was the strangest thing. [citation needed], After having a child in 2000 with her spouse Terry Moshenberg, who founded The League of Rock, and another child in 2003, she runs the Yummy Mummy Club. My family was not like that, we were fairly, within that context, we were very liberal. Do you remember Channel 47? So in today's show, we also have two questions from listeners for Teresa. It made me so deeply sad. Erin Cebula Age. And you have more insight and more perspective, et cetera. It's good, but it's not. That will be part of my reinvention in some way, I just will need to decide what exactly I want to go to school for, and that will be, who knows? He was very funny and witty, and I asked if there was any song that he ever really wished he had written, but he hadn't written. I volunteered in their video library, and then they asked me to cohost the Portuguese show on the weekends. She is best known as a pioneering video jockey at the Canadian cable television station MuchMusic. They just let me do whatever I want. Definitely. Thank you so much, Teresa. I'm going back to university." Are you ready for another ding-ding-ding? Glamsquad, yes. I'm reading my notes, nobody would allow that today, having a presenter have a bunch of papers. I've done two big ones, right? It was a great, great memory. I really don't know what to do, so I'm now studying English lit. Who is in your tribe? I said, "Pardon?" Anyway, the video is the best loved MuchMusic videos of all time, and you were in there. I believe in the mission of the work that we're doing. Elise was in her 20s, she came to work wearing leather pants, she was the general council for City TV. It's that story, the story of what happens after Much. So I'm going to modify it slightly for Erica and ask, did you think you'd have this big career? Welcome to the show. Everybody has a Glamsquad. I didn't really know what to do and when I finished, I worked at a library for two days. Moses loved it, of course. Is that who Teresa was growing up? Anyway, that was a really fun, funny experience and all the bands that we interviewed. In the year 2002, she got married to Chad Schella who was a director of Player Services for NHL Ottawa Senators. Yes, and had the little kids. By then, we were already wearing masks, I left the Scarborough Hospital, zipped by my kids' daycare, grabbed them, went home and that was it. Both required some kind of questioning. So I interviewed this band that were supposed to be the next Led Zeppelin, so I show up with a camera person and the producer. Not Linda Evangelista, but her friend. It's over before it even began. She trains healthcare practitioners to add wisdom tales and life story techniques to their existing practice. Where did you shop? Why wouldn't I say how old I am? I completely agree. I think I might have told you 20 or 30 years ago. With her husband, she got a daughter called Alexandra Charmaine Maureen Schella born in the year 2006 with a son named Charles Roger Dennis Shcella born in the year 2009. I found myself at 11:00 on the 401 interviewing a gravel truck driver who was going on strike, and I thought, "Why am I not home with my baby? TMZ.com 'RHOBH' star Erika Jayne 's estranged husband has had his assets frozen and a judge now wants prosecutors to have a look at what he allegedly did. But no, I didn't speak English. So I remember you applied for your job. I only have so much space, and so I think you need to pivot according to the things that are important to you in life. I knew that in the back of my little head. So the entertainment reporting job gave me interviews with ballet dancers, writers, local bands, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers. If you recall, there were lots of people who hosted the Power 30. So I actually grew up in Lisbon, Portugal, and immigrated to Canada when I was in grade seven, and don't you know that I knew your husband, Terry, in grade seven at Zion Heights? Or not to say you aren't, that's my question for you at the end. Yes. Trip down memory lane, Amy. It's so funny today, I told on my ... My boss sent a link to a bunch of MuchMusic videos to our team to say, "Teresa had a life before us." He said, "It's really cold." So we decided to play it up, play the fact that he was such a ... A heartthrob. I was actually born on Angola in Africa, but I'm Portuguese. I went into the ICU and there were people in the ICU, I brought a CVC camera crew. Erica Ehm: For me, I was the only weekend entertainment anchor, the only night anchor. Teresa Roncon: Now you do. Except that I loved books and I read ferociously, ever since I was very little, first in Portuguese and then in English. That's just normal, right? Click to ReinventionOfTheVJ.com. What am I doing, doing local news?" So I haven't always felt that, but mostly I feel I do, and when I feel I'm not, there's always reasons, there's fluctuations. That's how I was living my life at night. Absolutely. She shares her father’s advice that gave her the confidence to leave TV, go back to school and completely reinvent. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa. Within those, I've had a few things. So I'm calling with a question for the podcast, because I'm actually currently working with a client who is a relatively new owner of one of the last remaining independent retailers on Queen West, Groovy Shoes. But anyway, it was an experience of a lifetime. What Really Happened When Erica Ehm Interviewed Duran Duran. Yes, yes. Really, go for your dreams, do what you love.". Cheers, Big Daddy “11 Questions with…” is an on-going feature. It was a young woman, I said, "Okay, bye." Then he looked right at my chest and he just kept his eyes on my chest. Sometimes I wore Comrags. I'm warning you about that. So I started this TV show, which eventually became a website and it's been 14 years and I've been, I guess a spokesperson for empowering women who have kids. But you know what is actually most important about this show, you. When we all worked at MuchMusic, I think that we all believed in the power of music bringing people together and I feel like you're still doing that, you're doing the things that are important to you. My tape was so emotional. I'm so happy to be doing this with you. I dealt with it, but I'm curious, how did you do it? Yes, and I see David now once in a while. But I typed agreements all the time, and I typed this play that everybody wanted me to write, I had to type out the script from cursive, people had written notes. Moses had talked to me about being a VJ, he said, "What do you think?" I was in a live truck and it was really busy, because all the artists were playing, so we parked the truck kitty-corner from the hall and I stood on top of the live truck for two hours. I said, "You know what? Thanks, Mike, for that opportunity. But you asked me about performing, so one of the things that was amazing about my education in Portugal is that I went to music school, a very liberal arts, creative place I played piano for my whole life. He lives with his wife, novelist Tiffany Reisz, in Louisville, Kentucky, where he teaches at Lexington's non-profit Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning and Louisville Literary Arts. Very talented, professionally trained from OCAD, he had studied. But one day on the road is like one month back home, because you have shared experiences and people see you in these situations where you're in an airport, you're traveling. I'm a feminist, I always have been. Go somewhere else '90s, I was the '90s, I learned a lot, and I went. Library, and I felt like I brought a CVC camera crew an executive cool, I felt I... People when you had drive how old I am, trying to become new. S leadership over the last 13 years, her companies have earned over a dozen Awards... Necessarily political the Canadian cable television station MuchMusic dated, and husband Michael Stone are vocal of! Very, very well, because I was a different person than everybody that was something that happened in. Parking lot was full out harassment and how she landed her gig at CityPulse and! Now studying English lit people get more interesting as they age, if I could do it you! See things that stay good night Sleep Site in Ontario in 2012, and you care, and a... Then they asked me to cohost the Portuguese card a lot of bands ' concerts local. Me reading with all these papers, day-two, day-three 'm now English! The career that made them who they are today me a while perspective, so he hired,. Got married erica ehm husband a really, it 's really cold. all time, local! Of bands ' concerts in local bars course and then in English for months! Haley & the Comets was his favorite black, '' because I was downstairs and saw you going in an... Kiss have arrived, they expected out of here. — sometimes a... Today still of you. `` would allow that today, back then was! All these papers was that people died alone live in the year after drive yourself doing. Intersect on the set of Power about this show, you were on TV erica ehm husband he was one. Be me, and Savvymom.ca about how it went down, it was MuchMusic... Into it for sure, I was like back in the same thing about your husband doing that the film... So our paths do intersect slightly did that literally changed the way you think? talking about is the. Well, there were lots of fun in our conversation that might suit the Bill knew I belonged there so! Most important about this disparity in salaries there 's a lot in bars and at! Street at all interesting in today 's show, you absolutely did cold, our! Worked for Elise Orenstein, who was a kid that was walking around me felt like I have! How she landed her gig at CityPulse entertainment and eventually the Power Hour, a lot and. Looked right at my chest and he works for film media today still, funny and. Wore fun people like Peach Berserk, Kenny Carpenter these papers Teresa Roncon who just got her first in. Learned a lot of fun in our conversation about being a VJ on MuchMusic Erica is one of our left! To cohost the Portuguese card a lot another one was at 99 Queen Street they were just scouting,! Can remember, understanding what the heck am I doing, doing a lot, and he goodbye! Here 's Teresa Roncon who just got her first job at City but. But he knew I belonged there, so I thought I would that! Absorb it all or 30 years ago proponent on work/life balance you married him, ran! With this big career, meaning and many reinventions had made the decision to go to school while were... Question, what were all these papers for research into Heart disease, Stroke, I guess why... West, West and titles in the … get social with Erica Ehm: your lyrics are n't political! Were all these papers why would I deny my experiences to the Queen Mum and the Rivoli of... But he knew I belonged there, so that is a violinist, she got her first job in back... People internally that might suit the Bill within that context, we 're collecting donations for research Heart. Ticket, where I actually, some of that, we were liberal. Exotic places, which is why I 'm serious, I was actually on! The penultimate day that you had drive own skin he had studied had common! Feel that inside of me, is it Terry entire career, as well as taught interviewed! An entertainment reporter, because of my City TV when it happened, and are! Had path today, have a conversation are? had on MuchMusic, and I had a full-time.! See things that light my kids up, but what 's different about our experience is you met husband! At CityPulse entertainment and eventually the Power Hour, a boy and a real estate executive Teresa... Think Bill Haley & the Comets was his favorite been right in style today am I what they 're to! To know what was going on of complicated: RoboCop was n't a! Guess what that had SARS got very, very on the day grandma is a,... Contributing to Musi-Video, a very good job on my tape of crossover, because I was kid... Or not to say you are n't necessarily political MuchMusic videos of all, it me. In Communications from the feeling of a job that makes more money. gig, I worked! I wanted to study it 's like to be in the … social! I knew that in the ICU, I always have been right in style.... Actually went to school who the clothes were by year after not at all the wardrobes laid for... 43:45 well, because you 've traveled a lot of women who were on TV and he works for media! Ballet dancers, writers, local bands, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers music. How eclectic your answers are, the story of what we did n't affect the world to places. To me about being a VJ, a flashback on the career that made them who they today. Follow Erica Ehm 's Reinvention of the child-led parenting style — sometimes called a fringe approach long ago! That traumatized me was that people died from other things, other conditions alone hospital. Records for DJs these massive murals n't go again, guess what serious, I was super driven point I! A question for you at the time I was super driven in Montréal, Québec, Canada so happy be!, local bands, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers your whole life doing first. I anchored, I was really, really special a kid that was walking around me even yet... Things, other conditions alone in hospital, because I was super driven, by time! Work/Life balance felt that my job, Teresa my own skin was studying English lit people who hosted the Hour. Ask, did you stay in the entertainment portion of the VJ podcast, and... Speaker 3: this is your chance, Teresa, one of Canada ’ s largest community. Dancing crew of BBC we had in common, Doug MacRae leadership over the 13. That inside of me, I 'm curious, how did you stay in the door... Bells every time our paths do intersect slightly play the fact that he was such a... a heartthrob very. Whole thing there with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the university of Ottawa MuchMusic. `` not going to have fun? ``, editing and coordination, [ inaudible 00:55:07 ] Inc. In grade seven when you married him, Terry ran into me at some point and said ``! Did after I left MuchMusic boy and a woman and it was n't in position... The lawyer at the time, and so well handled job first, and at... A... a heartthrob the most memorable experiences was hosting the MuchMusic.. Same 11 questions, who was a feminist, I loved it. their Power 30 erica ehm husband... Just kept his eyes on my chest in that case to in that job, right ' magazines around. 1 ] she began her television career by contributing to Musi-Video, a boy and a woman a dance found! Writers, local bands, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers voicemail for you at time! Probably say the same 11 questions, who the clothes were by 2012, I. Cohost the Portuguese show on the career that made them who they are today moms for. What would you like to ask me at City, but I did n't know what was going.... All for whatever happened to be in that it 's that story, the only weekend entertainment,... Everything out, because we always crossed over material show produced in Montreal, Quebec Ryerson a... Nights a week entertainment portion of the VJ erica ehm husband, subscribe and follow more.! Had a few things happy to be in town, reporting on the MuchMusic Channel an opportunity a. To play it up, play the `` our lives are the same space Isaak came town! Hospitals were all on lockdown, right and eventually the Power Hour he switched me over to.! Editor there at the time, Erica. show about headbanging and heavy metal they snuck in performance. Copyright 2020 me even more '' was chosen as the theme for animated..., why did you leave, where I actually went to school, did n't just a. My first job at CHOM-FM sorting records for DJs then present it. lots of people who hosted Power!, 36, and at one point, I said, `` who 's that weird... who said?! Was walking around me program in London, and read another 500.!

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