Live Support for North America:1-800-RAIN-BIRD. For assistance in getting a contractor referral please call: 1-800-RainBird. If the signal strength indicator only has two bars and it says weak signal then this confirms poor signal strength. It is possible that your mobile device automatically reconnected to a different WiFi network than the Rain Bird controller. (RSSI means Received Signal Strength Indicator). If you are unable to connect to the controller, try pulling the WiFi module out of the controller and re-inserting it, allowing it to boot back up again. This issue is likely caused by the seasonal adjust setting. Rain Bird now offers the LNK™ WiFi Module for Residential and Light Commercial Rain Bird controllers. Sensor. This can be improved by moving the router closer to the controller or using a WiFi range extender. All I shut off the water to the house from the street, did what I needed to do, and turned the water back on. If you have run times that amount to more watering time than the time between the start times, the watering program may begin again immediately after finishing. The New Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module allows easy access and control of a Rain Bird irrigation system from anywhere in the world. Skip to main content. LNK WiFi Module WiFi Mobile Application The LNK WiFi Module shall allow users to connect remotely to a Rain Bird ESP-Me or ESP-TM2 Irrigation Controller through a plug-in accessory and using an Apple iOS or Android compatible mobile device with access to the Internet. If the seasonal adjust is less than nominal, the run times will be shortened accordingly. Double check the setting in the App or at the controller. This can be caused by one of several reasons: The LNK WiFi Module is not connected to an Internet connection properly within your home WiFi network, or The LNK WiFi Module is unable to establish a connection with the Rain Bird server, or The mobile device’s Rain Bird App and your controller’s passcode do not match. WiFi Enabled Yes WiFi Enabled The LNK WiFi Module allows remote connection to a Rain Bird ESP-Me Controller using an Apple iOS or Android com - patible smart device. You can back up your Rain Bird app, controllers, and settings to Apple  iCloud and Google Cloud. If your controller is off and the water keeps running there is an issue with 1 or all the valves. As the owner of a Rainbird sprinkler system, you need to know how to troubleshoot your lawn sprinkler. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Ron, thanks. If it is not blinking green, you are still unable to connect to the controller, you can scroll down further in this article and use one of the alternate apps to scan WiFi signal strength at the controller. Select the WiFi Signal strength tab or icon depending on the controller type. I have spoken several times with techs at Rain Bird, they walk me thru, re-set up wifi and it works. The integration adds rainsensor and raindelay sensors and their binary_sensor alternatives.. Switch. Anyway, I programmed my sprinklers and they were working fine until I needed to do some plumbing work. Just had a Rain Bird irrigation system installed with wifi connection/capability. This is seen at the controller with a blinking red WiFi Module. The New Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module allows easy access and control of a Rain Bird irrigation system from anywhere in the world. You may have programmed multiple start times scheduled close together. ‎Smart Watering Made Simple. With the LNK WiFi Module and Rain Bird’s FREE mobile app, users get access to off-site management, real-time alerts and advanced water … The following documents explain how to use these apps: Using Airport Utility to Scan WiFi Network Signal Strength, Scanning WiFi Network Congestion on Android Phone. The below chart shows the range this number represents. iOS:  Settings-> Select Apple ID -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup (On) Android:  Settings -> Backups (name may vary on different devices) -> Backup (On) (or) Drive (Google Drive App) -> Backups ->