Additional Fees (books, class trips, art fees, school, and athletic supplies): $150 - $400 per term. TRP is optional only if tuition is paid in full by July 1st. 2016-17 School Age Interim Tuition Rates. Prev Article. Please download a detailed Financial Aid Application checklist. Main Office 603-286-4342. Plan B provides this schedule of payments through FACTS Management Services. Our daughter has blossomed; the rigor of scheduled study halls, the academic support and the warmth of the faculty and staff have made a huge difference in her academic and personal growth. Transportation for students is extra, as are optional expenses Winterim and music lessons. After this date, financial aid awards will be made on a funds-available basis. The Mertie Buckman Scholarship is awarded each year to one young woman who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and outstanding performance in multiple areas including team athletics, art and culture, community service, outdoor experience and leadership. Tuition for seven-day boarding students includes room and board as well as academic, athletic, and community programs. In an effort to provide families with additional funding options, we refer families to the following extended loan payment programs. Families are encouraged to research other financial aid and merit opportunities. Mr. Bauer felt that his time at Tilton School played a pivotal role in his life and achievements. Tilton School Photo - Tilton School challenges students to embrace and navigate a world marked by diversity and change. About EFCO Corporation -- Headquartered in Monett, Mo., EFCO Corporation provides innovative customer solutions to satisfy commercial design challenges from historical replication to cutting-edge new construction. Academics at Tilton School. Adjusted tuition is defined as the tuition less Tilton School Financial Aid. Tilton School does offer athletic scholarships for Soccer. Tilton School in Utica, New York serves 117 students in grades Kindergarten-12. All schools teach through content-driven courses. The scholarship may be granted to either a new candidate for admission or a returning student. SAT and ACT Test Scores. The School considers the assets and income of both natural parents, if living, before making any awards, and cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. In terms of religious orientation, Tilton School is a nonsectarian school.. The Shaughnessy Scholarship is presented each year to one student who exhibits a love of athletics, seriousness of academic purpose and warmth of personality. “Eliminating the unknown increase in percentage of tuition each year offers a relief to our family—allowing us to plan ahead and has made a positive impact on our family finances.” The importance of integrity, sportsmanship, and sacrifice in a competitive environment are at the core of our program. Tilton School is a private school located in Utica, NY. Tilton’s athletic program is committed to a quality experience, highlighted by commitment, hard work, pride and teamwork. About 1/3 of our summer students hail from abroad, and we have most recently welcomed students from Russia, China, South Korea, Europe, Peru, and more! The scholarships range from $5,000 to $15,000 for day students and $5,000 to $25,000 for boarders. The custodial parent is responsible for asking the non-custodial parent to fill out this form. ... We don't have enough responses to know if students say kids at this school are involved in school activities. Learn more about the Tuition Refund Plan >. Tilton School has been fueling curiosity, igniting passions, and fostering a love for learning since 1845. The scholarship may be granted to either a new candidate for admission or a returning student. For these families, the Tuition Refund Plan is optional. The Parents' Financial Statement for the next year opens in October with financial aid applications accepted on a rolling basis no later than February 1. Please refer to SallieMae and Springstone Financial LLC. Google+. Provided the PFS is completed on time, families of newly accepted students will receive financial aid award decisions by March 10. Percentage of seniors who go on to four-year colleges. If the taxpayer's adjusted gross income is less than $9,000 he may subtract $1,000 for each of as many as three dependents. Tilton fitness membership cost and workout the best gym in jackson nj tilton fitness tilton fitness edgewater 48 photos 98 reviews gyms 42 the best gym in manahawkin nj tilton fitness. He completed his postgraduate year at the Tilton School then went on to earn a B.S. This plan is not available for international families. Our enrollment contract is unique: for each consecutive year a student is enrolled at Tilton School, tuition will be frozen at the initial contracted amount through graduation. Residents from other states should research charitable giving organizations in their town and state. The vast majority of financial aid at Tilton School is awarded based upon financial need. The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is an insurance plan that protects a portion of the unused tuition in the event that a student leaves the School prior to the end of the academic year because of dismissal or withdrawal. Under these sections parents may subtract from their adjusted gross income for state income tax purposes a designated amount for each dependent for whom they have paid at least $50 in nonpublic school tuition. The awards have designated requirements for eligibility and are renewable each year a student is enrolled in good standing. The scholarship may be granted to either a new candidate for admission or a returning student. We encourage students to push themselves beyond known boundaries, regardless of knowledge or ability. Information provided by either of two divorced parents will be held in confidence by the School. Plan B provides a schedule of 8 payments beginning in May and concluding in December. Tilton School is located in Tilton, NH and the Soccer program competes in the Prep Schools conference. Tilton School is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory school in Tilton, New Hampshire, serving students from 9th to 12th grade and postgraduate students. Invest In Your Child's Future. Families making less than $75,000 pay no tuition, and we also have generous aid programs for middle- and upper-income families. This means that for each consecutive year a student is enrolled at Tilton School, annual tuition won't increase! The program is designed to support students with personalized sessions ranging from once-a-week to every-day. Visit the Orion website to learn how to apply. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is required. Email. Financial aid that is awarded as a grant or merit award does not have to be repaid. The ISSP compiles information from teacher, advisor, and coach observations, a personality-based evaluation, and the Naviance StrengthsExplorer®. View Tilton School student demographics and see what the students are like. The fee for TRP is 2.2% of adjusted tuition. The recipients of this award must demonstrate exemplary character, honor and integrity and should demonstrate leadership and participation in three areas of student/campus life. Unfortunately, we do not believe there is a way to offer a quality on campus program due to social distancing restrictions nor a virtual program. This scholarship program is exclusively designed for students entering Tilton School for the first time in the upcoming academic year. Take our survey. Read about great schools like: Tilton School, Spaulding Youth Center and Whole Child Center. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Tilton School Summer Institute for the Summer of 2020. Tilton School is sensitive to the sacrifices many families must make when they assume the financial commitment of an independent school education, but we are firmly committed to helping you afford this choice. Mailing Address 30 School Street Tilton, NH 03276 A. —Dave P’22, Create an account today to start your application. Academics. Share. Five day boarders have identical program, but with the expectation that they would not be present on campus most weekends. Adhering to the guidelines and deadlines detailed below will ensure that your financial aid application is submitted properly. Families complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through SSS to provide information relevant to family size, income, and expenses. View Tilton School rankings for 2021 and compare to top schools in New Hampshire. Last Updated March 20, 2018 The Mastery Approach. The private school with the highest tuition in New Hampshire is Brewster Academy, with a tuition of $67,400. Next Article . We work with School and Student Services to determine financial need. College Enrollment. The professionals in the CAA can help you select the frequency of sessions to best meet your learning needs and goals. Find tuition info, acceptance rates, reviews and more. More than 40% of Tilton families receive financial assistance from Tilton in the form of need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships, download a detailed Financial Aid Application checklist, International Student Financial Aid Profile, Demonstrated leadership and participation in three non-academic areas such as arts, music, community service, athletics, or the outdoors, Demonstrated participation in two to three non-academic areas such as arts, music, community service, athletics, or the outdoors, Consistent academic performance and demonstrated hard work, Demonstrated participation in two non-academic areas such as arts, music, community service, athletics, or the outdoors. Families pay 20% of the tuition balance as an enrollment deposit, rounded to the next highest $100. Tuition includes housing, meals The campus is located in an area described as a town by administrators. The private school with the lowest tuition is Exeter Day School, with a tuition of $1,520. Contact information. Find tuition info, acceptance rates, reviews and more. Tilton works hard to integrate its students and make everyone feel welcome. New Hampshire residents may want to research opportunities provided by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Children's Scholarship Fund (CSF). In Plan A, families may elect to make full payment of tuition fees by July 1. For information and registration, go to or … Take our survey. Please take care to provide complete and accurate information on the PFS; errors and omissions will cause delays that may reduce or prevent an award. In recognition of the sacrifices of our nation's military, Orion Military Scholarship Fund is dedicated to promoting educational opportunities for eligible children of active duty military families, by providing scholarships to select boarding schools across the United States. The Masiello Scholarships are awarded each year to three students with need from a NH community with preference given to students adjacent to Tilton who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. Day student tuition substitutes a day student room for a dormitory room and general expectations that students depart campus before dinner each evening. Tuition and Fees. A Tilton School education provides graduates with a powerful sense of purpose that ensures that no matter how the world changes, they will be armed with the essential skills to positively contribute.. 5-Day Boarding: $58,925… See detailed information on how to apply for Financial Aid at the bottom of this page. It covers special expenses incurred in communicating and assessing the needs of international students. Naturally, each separated or divorced case is unique and may require further clarification and communication with the Financial Aid Office. This fee is for all students whose principal address is outside the United States and Canada. To maintain this scholarship the recipients must achieve academic honor roll status by the end of their 10th grade year. 100%. Refunds from TRP first address any outstanding balance a family may have with the School. Merit scholarships are limited in number and are only awarded to a select few. Both natural parents with their current spouses, if any, must complete a PFS and submit all of the documents outlined in the above timetable. International families should adhere to the deadlines outlined above. All currently enrolled students on the honor roll will be reviewed for a merit award, and do not need to submit a scholarship application. Including Tilton School, there are 12 private schools in Belknap County. Day student tuition substitutes a day student room for a dormitory room and general expectations that students depart campus before dinner each evening. Additional Fees to Consider. There are certainly cliques at any school, and if you are attending a boarding school with a considerable tuition, you may encounter students who have lead very different lifestyles and come from all financial backgrounds. Apply for Financial Aid Learn how to submit the documents we need. Tilton School is a private coed school in Northfield, New Hampshire. Affording Lawrence Academy Demonstrated leadership and participation in three non-academic areas such as arts, music, community service, athletics, or the outdoors. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your situation. It has 113 students in grades K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 3 to 1. If the monthly plan option is selected, TRP is mandatory and is included in your bill. The Head of School Scholarship. Competitive applicants will demonstrate quality academic performance, hard work and the potential to contribute to the Tilton community beyond the classroom. Guidelines: View the 2021 directory of the top 2 methodist private schools in New Hampshire. Tuition is $80 for a six-week session beginning Sept. 25 at 5:30 at the Tilton School Ice Arena. The recipient of this award must demonstrate exemplary character, honor and integrity. 7-Day Boarding: $66,925. The Bradford W. Gile Scholarship is awarded each year to one student with need from a community adjacent to Tilton who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. After graduation, 25% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college. To maintain this scholarship the recipient must achieve academic honor roll status by the end of their 10th grade year. Your web browser does not support the